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What’s the Best Way to Eat Linguini?

September 15th is National Linguine Day! Linguine is one of the most common pasta shapes, and it’s the base for some of our favorite
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Red or White? The Difference Between Wine.

Did you know that August 28th is National Red Wine Day? Like we need a ‘day’ to enjoy a glass of wine!! Either way,
italian food near me

Pasta and Italian Food: Shape Does Matter

So you can better enjoy Italian food, we’re going to give you a brief overview of the different pasta shapes and how we use
italian restaurants

Italian Restaurants Are Talking Tiramisu

There are a lot of myths and legends surrounding tiramisu, a dessert you’ll find on the menu of most Italian restaurants.
italian food

A Guide to the Perfect Wine Pairings with Italian Food

Pasta dishes are a staple of Italian food, and what better way to elevate your meal than with the perfect wine pairing? Whether you’re
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At-Home Sicilian Meatballs. The Shape May Surprise You!

At-Home Sicilian Meatballs. The Shape May Surprise You! When it comes to authentic cooking, the internet seems to be flooded with recipes and ideas

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