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What is the Big Deal About Limoncello, Anyway?

While spirits are no new kid on the block, some have undoubtedly been around much longer than others. Here at Cellos Farmhouse Italian Restaurant in Candia, we appreciate a good story; especially a good story told over an even better nightcap. So, we thought, why not share this pastime with our customers and extend the story of limoncello. Whether you grab the nightcap before continuing the article – that we will leave up to.

The early beginnings of limoncello.

The Italian lemon flavored liquor often brings surprise when people find out that it is one of the newer spirits to enter the scene. And, like any story of food or beverage trying to decipher the ‘first,’ limoncello is no different. Sorrentini, Amalfitani, and Capri all claim rights to the first creations of this liquor.

In Capri the story dates back to the early 1900s in a small boarding house on the island of Azzurra. It was there that the lady of home tended to endless gardens of the freshest lemons and oranges. During the post-war period, the nephew is said to have opened a bar upon the property in which, using an old family recipe, fresh limoncello was served.

However, during the same period, the inhabitants of Sorrentini take claim to the liquor. It is said that the wealthiest of families would always adorn their guests with endless limoncello. It is also said that fishermen would sip on limoncello before heading out on the cold water to help ward off colds.

And even more, there are many that say limoncello was so rare before the twentieth century. For some, the tale be told that limoncello’s popularity did not emerge until 1988 when the trademark ‘Limoncello di Capri’ was registered.

So, where do the true origins lie? Who are we to say. But to whomever created this delicious blend of fresh lemons, sugar, and a touch of alcohol – grazie.

The commercialization period takes hold.

Now that we’re caught up to recent times and talking about trademarks, we should jump into how the industry drastically changed limoncello forever. Like anything commercialized, the liquor quickly grew in popularity and became more of a fad than anything else. As a global phenomenon, limoncello began to lose one of the most elements of its uniqueness – real lemon. Still true to this day, if you know an artisan limoncello then you know industrialized versions can not come close to the true, deep flavoring of freshly picked and squeezed lemons. If you haven’t tried the artisan version, we do recommend you do so!

Fun Fact: Limoncello, traditionally, is used to aid in digestion both before and after a meal.

Now that you are filled with information about limoncello, we will end our story with one last fact. Here at Cellos Farm House Italian restaurant in Candia, our limoncello is house-made. Yes, a true artisan blend crafted right next door. It doesn’t get much better, does it?

Visit Cellos today and experience the best limoncello in the region! Served chilled in both lemon and orange flavors, don’t be surprised if finding yourself asking for seconds!

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